Taking Control of Chronic Disease

Disease.  It’s a scary word.  Most people understand disease to be something you “get” by coming in contact with someone or something that carries that disease. Or it lies dormant deep within your body until, one day, when it  unexpectedly “activates”. 

The science and miracle of medicine has brought us a very long way from the day we were afraid of dying from an infection or communicable disease.  Thank Goodness! Our life span is much greater. But is our life quality?

Today, what we worry about when it comes to our health, is what our quality of life will be into our old age.  With chronic disease affecting most of us we wonder if we will experience painful arthritis. Or if our bones will deteriorate to the point we can barely walk.  And when these symptoms begin to show up in our 40s and 50s then we feel we must be doomed.

You Can Change Your Health

Here is the good news.  No GREAT news! We have more control over our health and how our health will impact our quality of life then we realize.  

In recent years science has explored and gained incredible understanding into our genes.  And this has opened up a whole new area of medicine – equally important to that of discovering penicillin.  We now know that looking at a list of symptoms is not just about naming a disease – such as the arthritis you inherited from Grandma.  But you can actually affect how that arthritis is expressed in your body by changing your environment and habits.  And the younger you start the better!

This new area of medicine is called Functional Medicine.  The current medical model is based on the “germ theory” – find the disease and kill it with medication that was created to address that disease.  This is certainly an important function and, as stated earlier, has added years to our expected life span. But when looking for ways to address chronic illness, seeking out a Functional Medicine Doctor or Health Coach in conjunction with your GP can and will give you hope for a brighter future.

Let me explain in simple terms how this works.  Our genes are, well, our genes. We are born with them and they will never change.  But science has proven that environment and personal habits, as well as nutrition, plays a role in how these genes are expressed.  Let me give you a very personal example:

A Personal Problem

I, myself,  have a mutated gene called HLA-DR.  This gene causes my body to be unable to detox from toxic mold.  This was never a problem for me – until I was exposed to toxic mold over a considerable period of time.  When I began showing symptoms of chronic disease, rather than going to a doctor that would have most likely named a disease and prescribed medication, I chose to go to a functional medicine doctor.  I knew he would look at my symptoms and seek to find the cause of my symptoms. And that is what he did! That is how we found the culprit – HLA-DR.

Please don’t hear me wrong!  I am NOT against doctors! As a health coach I work with doctors to assist their patients in their journey to health.  But there is more to the story when it comes to our choices and our health.

Now I am on a journey to health using medication and a change to both my environment and my habits.  All of these are necessary! If I took medication but continued to be exposed to toxic mold, for example, the medicine would just be wasted and I would continue to get increasingly ill.

Another example – also a personal one.  My mother has a Thyroid Disease. I know that the percentage of me (her daughter) getting the same disease is high.  Why – because some genes are passed down! And this is just true of Thyroid Disease – it is often passed down to the daughter.  So how can I keep my Thyroid healthy? Well, I know there are certain nutrients necessary for good thyroid health such as iodine, iron and selenium to name a few. So I make sure I get these in my diet.  I also take other steps to keep my hormones balanced and healthy. And I do this through good nutrition and other healthy habits.

Necessary Nutrients

Taste Success is a great way to make sure you are getting the nutrients necessary for good hormone health and balance. We have seen hundreds of women helped in this area through the Taste Success Program.

How do you feel?  Are you tired? Overweight? Feeling “foggy” or having pain?  Don’t ignore these subtle signs of chronic illness. It may be nothing to be concerned about – but it may be your body telling you there is more to the picture that hasn’t been revealed yet.  Please take the time to consider your health and consider Taste Success as one of the ways you can adopt healthy habits into your life.