Your Clients Need the Right Help to Succeed with Healthy Eating

They are up against so much - diet offers everwhere, commercials and food aisles full of the wrong food, fad diets and celebrity instructions, plus their own bad habits and busy lifestyle. They made the first right step by connecting with you as a wellness professional, now help them to make a change they can live with by cooking simple food at home.

Learn More About Done-For-You Resources for Wellness Professionals

Done-for-you resources to support your clients healthy eating journey

When it comes to restoring health, the right food is everything. They made the first right choice when they selected you to help them. Now support them with these proven done-for-you resources designed for the busy work of wellness professionals.

If you want healthy clients, Here are 5 Resources You Need

Here's what you receive to help you save time, and help your clients make the changes they so desperately need. Taste Success will make your job easier so that instead of collecting recipes, you can spend time encouraging and guiding your clients into better health.


Proven Recipes

Recipes your clients will love because they are simple to cook and delicious. You'll support their journey to healthy eating with recipes designed by a Naturopath, and demonstrated to create consistent health outcomes like weight loss, hormone support, better sleep and less inflammation. 24 weeks of recipes are included.


Shopping Lists

Cooking at home is a priority, but the ability to make that practical requires shopping lists so you can plan to succeed. 24 weeks of shopping lists are included.


Weekly Menus

Planning ahead allows your clients to be ready for disruptions and plan for dinners that include enough for lunch the next day. Weekly menus available for all 24 weeks.


Health Tips

Simply paste these health tips into your emails, text or messenger, and you'll add powerful encouragement to support your clients on their journey. Their are 24 weeks of powerful and inspiring health tips available.


Resources for a Joyful Experience

It's no secret that food is all about taste. Research shows that people who set manageable goals, cook at home, give themselves some grace, and enjoy the new foods they eat are much more likely to stick with a healthy eating plan. That's how Taste Success was designed- joyful success at eating well, and then...feeling better.

Taste Success

Stop wasting time looking for recipes and creating menus for every client. Use these proven done-for-you tools to resource your clients and encourage them on their journey to better health through healthy eating.


A color cookbook that can have your message inside. Recipes that are delicious and easy-to-adjust for special dietary needs. Gluten and Dairy Free. Part 1 includes 100 recipes and Part 2 includes an additional 100 recipes.


Training and monthly resources that you can pass along to your clients. Saving you time while multiplying your impact is the goal of Taste Success.


Wellness professionals of all types can use Taste Success to help their clients including health coaches, chiropractors, trainers, pharmacists who coach and others.

Designed for You

Taste Success was developed by wellness professionals for wellness professionals

Taste Success was originally developed by Tracey Loughran, a busy naturopath, who found herself spending too much time creating menus and plans for individual clients. She saw the importance of a done-for-you resource and created this program to solve a practical challenge for wellness professionals who know that their clients simply need to succeed in eating better to achieve their health goals.

Get Started

Put these resources to work

Taste Success Program

You'll get started with a cookbook of your own and access to the shopping lists, menus and health tips you need to support your clients. You'll get everything you need to support your client's journey to healthy eating.

  • Access to the cookbook for your clients.
  • Encouraging orientation and monthly support
  • Access to lists and menus anytime
  • Purchase bulk cookbooks at a discount


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