The Great Reset

The Great Depression.  A world changer for sure!  People’s lives were forever changed.  My mom is still very careful not to waste anything.  And I know many people living during the Great Depression do the same.  Not a bad thing at all! 

Today as I write this, April of 2020, we are faced with another Great.  Maybe this will be known as The Great Coronavirus, or The Great Stay at Home or The Great Social Distancing.  Whatever it is called in the history books – and it will most certainly be in the history books – it will be a time when our world changed forever.  What will be our take-aways? What will our great grandchildren say about how this time in our lives changed our values, our behaviors?

How Will This Affect You?

Just as during the Great Depression, each individual person will have to make choices about how he/she will allow this crisis to affect them.  Some will be distraught, depressed, hopeless. I hope for those readers who find yourself in this group you will seek out help. It is there for you and people really do want to help!  And for others this time will be a life reset. A reset of what our values are, how dear we hold our communities, our neighbors, our loved ones, and our relationship with God.

Another Reset

I would like to suggest another vital reset for you.  This is about how dear you hold “you”. How is your health?  Your stress level? Your own personal life habits? Are they just being managed when you can fit them into your crazy schedule or are they a priority?  Because how you take care of your own health will affect your family members too.

One way you can “reset” your health is through good nutrition.  And this time in your life, when you are stuck at home, is a perfect time to make this change!  You have been wanting to do this for a long time. And now you have a chance to spend time focusing on this effort.  Bring your kids along on the journey! Make it fun! The beginning of a new way of eating is always the hardest because of our busy lives.  Why not take this time to add this as a new priority in your life and the life of your family?

How To Do It

Sign up for the 12-week Taste Success program.  You receive a cookbook (shipped to you), menus, shopping lists and weekly health tips as well as weekly videos to walk you through the 12 weeks.  There are no protein shakes, supplements or packaged food to buy. You learn how to cook and eat real food.  

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